Golf Ball Grading


Refurbished is also referred to as refinished golf balls. These recycled golf balls are processed via one or more of the following steps: removing the old paint, re-painting, stamping, and/or clear coating in our factory. Each ball is hand-inspected five times to ensure they meet our pristine quality standards.

We apply a very thin coat of durable paint. Unlike other Refurbishers who sell refinished golf balls that are "gloppy" and bumpy, ours look and play like brand new. They will be shipped in our own manufactured and branded cardboard packaging. 
The original manufacturer's warranty has not endorsed or approved this product. 

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Read about how our refurbished golf balls compare to new.



You've come to the right place if you're looking for top-tier golf balls at a fantastic value. Our Pristine "never been hit" golf balls have no corporate logos or player marks and are the perfect choice for golf enthusiasts who want exceptional performance without breaking the bank.

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Custom personalization is available on most of our golf balls. Personalize them for weddings, golf outings, corporate events, golf gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, etc., with your photo, logo, or text added to them.

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These are brand new balls that have never been hit or refinished. Many of our balls come unbranded in a variety of colors, novelty balls, or top name brand balls in factory packaging. All of our balls can be custom personalized. 

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These are used golf balls that have been stripped and repainted to a factory finish with range ball badging added. These balls undergo a meticulous process to remove surface imperfections and restore their original quality, ensuring they perform just like new balls. This makes them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for driving ranges and golfers, maintaining the same durability and functionality for effective practice sessions.

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